• Image of CRWDSPCR001X - Full Circle - Back To The Disco Valley

Full Circle is a project initiated by Alexis Le Tan in collaboration with Joakim (who helped with the recording and editing) and Ill Studio (who are in charge of the graphic universe of Full Circle).
Alexis Le Tan is a well known name for the crate diggers, vinyl dealers and record nerds around the world. He's been collecting rare records for more than a decade, putting out mixes on Lovefingers and other websites along the way or throwing parties in Paris with his buddies (Douglas Lee, Thomas Bullock, Taco…).

But before that, a long time ago in the early 90s, Alexis used to be a Trance DJ and producer. Real Trance. Recently he uncovered some of those forgotten records from that era, buried in his record collection and accidentally played them at 33rpm. Revelation. That's when he called Joakim to propose a series of reedits of those psychedelic slow techno tune, or how to recycle something that sounded originally awful into something amazing and unheard.

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